Featured manufacturer: Konica Minolta

At a corporate level, Konica Minolta has chosen to focus on three ways they can improve their environmental performance:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions throughout product lifecycles by 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels
  • Promoting recycling and effective use of the earth's limited resources
  • Working to promote restoration and preservation.

For each of these areas, Konica Minolta has set targets for 2015 and beyond as well as identified specific initiatives that will help them reach their goals. For example, they are developing energy-saving technologies to reduce the CO2 emissions from product usage by 60%, and investigating ways to decrease the volume of packaging used per item by 25%.

Konica Minolta's business machines are among the most environmentally efficient on the market. They are more energy efficient, use less toner and produce less greenhouse gas emissions than ever before. The business is internationally accredited according to the ISO 14001 International Standard for the Environment.

Konica Minolta is also leading the way with environmentally friendly toners. Their Simitri toner reduces the impact on the environment with less energy consumption during production compared to pulverised toner production methods, less energy consumption during use, and through the use of plant-based resources and reduction of petroleum-based resources.

They plan to further refine their manufacturing process, ultimately working towards zero waste targets. This ongoing strategy has already seen a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emission and hazardous chemicals usage in the past six years.

It's not just the production and manufacturing areas of Konica Minolta that are making significant changes either. For its corporate office buildings throughout Japan the company is installing ‘green curtains' of plants on the walls and rooftops to absorb CO2 and to keep internal temperatures down. And in Belgium, Konica Minolta has installed a solar power generator on one of their buildings to provide energy for the offices inside.

To find out more about what Konica Minolta is doing for the environment throughout their operations, both in Australia and globally, check out their short film ‘Green at Heart'.


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