eXcellent eWood

eWood® is a timber-replacement product that was first created by Close the Loop to achieve zero waste to landfill in their cartridge recycling process. During this process, any metals, useable plastics and inks are first extracted, to be recycled into new products. All of the leftover materials are used to make eWood®, which looks a bit like hard timber that has been painted black. It's resistant to water, rot, UV, insects and bacteria.

eNnnervating eWood facts

  • The manufacturer of a popular brand of cat scratching posts and activity trees is using eWood® to make the base pole, which is then covered in the kind of scratchy material that cats love.

  • eWood® and recycled steel are being used to make new recycling bins for Queensland State Rail train stations. Currently, just over half of the stations have the new bins.

  • eWood® raised garden beds are available in a great range of designs from

  • eWood® has been used to make outdoor furniture, park benches, safety bollards, outdoor signage, retaining walls and fences. Because of its weather and pest-resistant properties, it's great for outdoor use.

For more information on eWood® products, and other products made from recycled cartridges such as rulers and pens, see

So next time you put a used cartridge in your 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' collection box, rest assured that it will end up being reused in a manner that is kind to our environment.

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