Cartridge Recycling Magic

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Why did the cartridge turn into a garden bed? Because recyclers are awesome! Find out how the magic happens with our brand new info-graphic.

Processing and recycling used printer cartridges is a team effort, which combines people and machines. It's a complex waste stream of potentially valuable and/or hazardous materials that needs state-of-the-art equipment for safe processing and handling. And it all starts with you!

From your workplace or retail collection point, cartridges are sent to Close the Loop® in Melbourne, where they are sorted manually and their brand and model numbers are recorded. Some cartridges are sent back to the original manufacturer for their own reuse or recycling programs. The rest get processed through the on-site Green Machine.

The Green Machine firstly crushes the cartridges and then sorts their component materials. 

  • A magnet removes the steel, which can then become fridges and other items. 
  • Eddy currents separate aluminium by inducing it with magnetism, and it then gets turned into new products like aluminium cans. 
  • Clean plastics are separated, and become rulers and other products.
  • Mixed and contaminated plastics are made into eWood, which has been used to build raised garden beds, cat scratching poles and furniture.
  • Residual ink from inkjet cartridges is made into Enviroliner pens, which are sold in retail outlets like Officeworks and Australia Post where cartridges are collected.

All of this is achieved with zero waste going to landfill. Magic!

Share our brand new info-graphic resource with your colleagues to let them know the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' story, and the great recycled-content products they're helping to make.

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