Guilt-Free Office 'Fling'

Re-use and recycling of paper helps to save the trees, water and energy that go into paper production and distribution, as well as the waste and greenhouse gases produced in the process.

You can use your Fling to encourage staff to bring their used cartridges from home to be recycled through the Cartridges box. We have produced a downloadable poster and an adaptable e-mail that you can use to promote a workplace collection.

We have produced a range of resources to make organising and hosting a Friday File Fling as easy as possible, including a ‘Step-by-Step Guide’ in written and video format and adaptable promotional posters and e-mails. Register your workplace.

Some of Australia’s most recognisable organisations are holding office Flings - including Event Supporter Colonial First State along with Epson, the City of Sydney, the University of Wollongong, Officeworks and the GPT Group, as well as schools, hospitals, government departments and more.

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