The Bigger Picture

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Download the full report

For the bigger picture on recycling in Australia, check out Planet Ark's one-stop-shop for  information: the National Recycling Week website. hosts a wealth of recycling information, including:

  • Fascinating factsheets on recycling a range of products
  • Fun and educational games for kids
  • Suggestions for greening up your workplace
  • A step by step guide for hosting your own Swap Party
  • A "Buy Recycled" guide
  • Research reports
  • The history of recycling in Australia, and lots more.


For information on your council recycling services and drop-off locations for mobiles, computers, batteries and more, check out


Find recycling options for a widel range of recyclable materials generated by businesses - including cardboard, plastics, electronics, pallets, food, construction and demolition, and much more - visit

Find a Cartridge drop-off location