What Happens To The Printer Cartridges?

The Green Machine Recycling Cartridges © Planet Ark

Products made from recycled Cartridges © Planet Ark

Products made from recycled Cartridges

All of the cartridges put in to one of our boxes, whether in a workplace or a retail collection point, are sent back to Close the Loop® in Melbourne.  

Once there, they are hand sorted and their brand and type recorded. Many of the laser cartridges are sent back to the original equipment manufacturers for their re-manufacturing or component recovery programs.

What happens in the Close the Loop® recycling process?

The inkjet cartridges, toner bottles and drum units are processed through the patented, Australian-made Green Machine, which reduces the cartridges to smaller particles that can be more easily separated.

Inkjet cartridges are processed through another machine, which also uses patented world-first technology.

Magnets are used to remove ferrous (iron-based) metals, while eddie currents are used to remove aluminium.

This waste stream is a complex mix of potentially valuable and/or hazardous raw materials needing state of the art equipment for safe processing and handling.

The end result of this process is the recovery of 'raw' materials. These 'secondary raw materials' are further filtered, upgraded and then used instead of virgin materials in normal manufacturing to make new products. The ultimate aim is to return the raw materials back to the original equipment manufacturer for reuse in new cartridges.

All of this is achieved with zero waste going to landfill.  

Products made from recycled cartridges

To fulfill the zero waste promise Close the Loop® have come up with some fantastic products that ‘close the loop' on the cartridges that are processed. The recycled materials can be turned into penseWoodTM applications such as park benches, fencing and signs, recycled ink - Lousy Ink and now TonerPlas™ and TonerPaveTM  roads.

Order some of these products through Close the Loop.

  • The C4PA Process Infographic ( 267kb pdf file)
    An infographic showing how the materials that make up a printer cartridge get recycled and the products they get turned into.
  • C4PA Cartridge Recycling Process Poster ( 3.21MB pdf file)
    A poster that details the processes which a cartridge goes through from drop-off to various final products.

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